Declaration of Restrictions

The Declaration of Restrictions, commonly known as the “CC&Rs,” is a document that creates the scheme of enforceable covenants and restrictions that run with the property.

Article of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation establish the association as a legal entity and must meet certain statutory criteria as found in the Arizona Non Profit Act.


The Bylaws of an association set out the procedures for the internal government and operation of the association. The Bylaws also regulate the conduct of the association’s board of directors.

Rules & Regulations

Arizona Law allows associations to draft reasonable rules and regulations governing the common property only.

Fines & Fee Schedule

HOAs are required to adopt and publish a schedule of “appropriate” fines and make it available to homeowners.

Resolutions of the Board

One of the functions of the Board of Directors is to pass resolutions, a stand-alone document that is the formal expression of board action. 

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