Important Announcements

Voting Certificate

**Reminder** On April 1, 2019, the Association mailed, voting certificate forms to all owners, to comply with our requirement that owners designate in writing a representative who shall have the power to vote. 

If you haven't already, please sign and return your voting certificate, so we can update your voting status.

A blank version of this form is available below.

Reporting Alleged Violations

Arizona Laws

Per the revised Arizona Law (A.R.S. 33-1803) any complaint related to a violation lodged with the Association will NOT remain anonymous. The person lodging the complaint and alleged violation must state his/her first and last name, the date the violation occurred and the provision of the community documents allegedly violated. The law requires that this information must be available to the party who is accused of the violation.  


A.R.S. 33-1803

33-1803. Assessment limitation; penalties; notice to member of violation

D. Within ten business days after receipt of the certified mail containing the response from the member, the association shall respond to the member with a written explanation regarding the notice that shall provide at least the following information unless previously provided in the notice of violation:

1. The provision of the community documents that has allegedly been violated.

2. The date of the violation or the date the violation was observed.

3. The first and last name of the person or persons who observed the violation.

4. The process the member must follow to contest the notice.

E. Unless the information required in subsection D, paragraph 4 of this section is provided in the notice of violation, the association shall not proceed with any action to enforce the community documents, including the collection of attorney fees, before or during the time prescribed by subsection D of this section regarding the exchange of information between the association and the member and shall give the member written notice of the member's option to petition for an administrative hearing on the matter in the state real estate department pursuant to section 32-2199.01. At any time before or after completion of the exchange of information pursuant to this section, the member may petition for a hearing pursuant to section 32-2199.01 if the dispute is within the jurisdiction of the state real estate department as prescribed in section 32-2199.01. 

Message from the Board

State Route 95 Beacon Road to East Riverside Drive

Pavement Improvement Project.

The Arizona Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration are initiating a project to improve pavement conditions along State Route 95 in Parker.

Work is scheduled to occur between Beacon Road (milepost 148) and East Riverside Drive (milepost 155).  The project will remove and replace pavement, install rock protection fence, and reconstruct guardrail.  In addition, the work includes replacing the exiting pavement markings, replacing embankment curb and other miscellaneous work.

What to Expect