Important Notices

Notice: Regular Session of the Board

Regular Session of the Board are those meetings in which the community association conducts the general "day-to-day" business of the association.

Next Board Meeting April 18, 2020 at 9:00 am location: TBD

Agenda: Regular Session of the Board

Posting the notice and agenda must be provided in a prominent location accessible to all members.  Hillcrest Bay Homeowners' Association posts these items both on the website and the onsite bulletin board located at 924 Bay View Drive.


The governing documents require the homeowners association to notify the members in advance of all meetings, and members are welcome – in fact encouraged – to attend and listen.

Being A Good Neighbor...



One of the keys to being a good neighbor is introducing yourself to your neighbors and then staying in contact over time.


The unique atmosphere of Hillcrest Bay is the National Wildlife Refuge surrounds us.  The Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge helps enhance the neighborhood and protects our environment and the wildlife within.


Looking for things to do and make an impact on the community?  There are volunteer openings just across the road.  Check out the upcoming events provided by The Friends Group.  We have a great group of winter visitors within our community please share so they can get involved.

The Friends Group

The Friends of the Bill Williams River and Havasu National  Wildlife Refuges was formed in 2012.  It is a non-profit organization made up of a diverse group of outdoor enthusiasts and like-minded individuals that want to help protect, support and enhance the Bill Williams River and Havasu National Wildlife Refuges.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping can be costly...

Not only can the community lose the right to use this section of land, but also it has a potential fine of $500, for non-compliance.

Be advised the trash area is under special permit as part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service which is the federal agency that manages fish and wildlife.

To ensure that Hillcrest Bay Inc. is honoring our commitment by not violating the terms of the "Special Use Permits," it is the responsibility of all owners to assist in maintaining this area.  Hillcrest Bay has posted RULES for Trash Regulations, please take a moment to review.

We appreciate owners' involvement; please notify us at regarding any questions or concerns about trash maintenance.

Special Conditions

The area will be maintained clean and free of all debris.

Any loose trash will be cleaned up immediately.

No new construction will be allowed on the site.