Important Notices

Regular Session

The next Board Meeting will be held on Saturday January 18, 2020, at 9:00 am.  Location Linger Drive


Large Trash Container

It's that time again when we get inspired to clean up.  To help manage the mess, the HOA Board has ordered an open-top roll-off 40 cubic yard container.

It will be located next to the mailboxes, and be in place for Thanksgiving weekend.

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November 27 - December 3



It has been brought to the Boards attention that some Hillcrest Bay residents are hitting golf balls into the Mark Wilmer Pumping Plants material laydown area.  A CAP representative expressed concerns with the possibility of injury to CAP personnel or the additional possibility of damage to CAP vehicles and equipment.

Anyone hitting golf balls into this property, who causes damage will be held legally responsible.


Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping can be costly...

Not only can the community lose the right to use this section of land, but also it has a potential fine of $500, for non-compliance.

Be advised the trash area is under special permit as part of the Wildlife Refuge, managed by Arizona Game & Fish. 

To ensure that Hillcrest Bay Inc. is honoring our commitment by not violating the terms of the "Special Use Permit", it is the responsibility of all owners to assist in maintaining this area.  Hillcrest Bay has posted RULES for Trash Regulations, please take a moment to review.

Our surveillance cameras will be used to identify anyone placing trash, including landscape debris within the fenced area, instead of properly placing items in the trash receptacles.

We appreciate owners' involvement, please notify us at regarding any questions or concerns about trash maintenance.

Special Conditions

Area will be maintained clean and free of all debris.

Any loose trash will be cleaned up immediately.

No new construction will be allowed on the site.