Hillcrest Bay Homeowners' Association


Annual Meeting September 28, 2019 at 9:00 am

Location: Havasu Springs Resort Oasis Room

Architectural Review Guidelines

If you are planning any new construction, house, manufactured home, garage, sheds, awnings, walls (including fences) or remodeling project, that in accordance with the CCR's of Hillcrest Bay, Inc., a plot plan with building information must be submitted in duplicate, along with a completed Building Permit Application to the Board of Directors.  Refer to the Policies & Procedures section "Architectural Review Process".  To request forms, please email permits@hillcrestbay.com


Contact Information

Per Article VI of the Bylaws: It is the Member's responsibility to notify the Association of a change of ownership, name, billing or mailing address, email address (if available) and an emergency phone number.

To request forms, please send an email to request@hillcrestbay.com.


Rental registration form (airbnb)

The Board has adopted a "rental registration form," the Owners should submit to the Association for every rental.


Governing Documents

The governing documents create the legal foundation and organizational framework of an HOA.  They consist of the Declaration of Restrictions (CC&Rs), the article of incorporation, the bylaws, and the rules and regulations.