Hillcrest Bay Homeowners' Association

Governing Documents

The governing documents create the legal foundation and organizational framework of an HOA.  They consist of the Declaration of Restrictions (CC&Rs), the article of incorporation, the bylaws, and the rules and regulations.

Alleged Violation

Per the revised Arizona Law (A.R.S. 33-1803) any complaint related to a violation lodged with the Association will NOT remain anonymous. The person lodging the complaint and alleged violation must state his/her first and last name, the date the violation occurred and the provision of the community documents allegedly violated. The law requires that this information must be available to the party who is accused of the violation.

Contact Information

Per Article VI of the Bylaws: It is the Member's responsibility to notify the Association of a change of ownership, name, billing or mailing address, email address (if available) and an emergency phone number.

Rental registration form (airbnb)

The Board has adopted a "rental registration form," Owners should submit to the Association for every rental.