Association Fees


Hillcrest Bay Homeowners Association is focused on making all our lives easier by introducing Chase Quick Pay with Zelle. It’s a fast, easy and convenient way to send money from your bank. If you bank with some of the smaller institutions or credit unions you can visit for more options. Most major banks use the Zelle process to send funds.  

  • How do I start? Enrollment is simple and secure. Speak with your local bank and request it to be set up. Most major banks such as US Bank, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo provide this service.
  • The Hillcrest Bay email account for this service is:
  • Make your payment to: Hillcrest Bay, Inc. Identify the Lot(s)#. 


Fiscal Year

Runs from July 1 - June 30

Arizona Corporation Commission

The Annual Report and Certificate of Disclosure for Hillcrest Bay Inc. is due every year on October 8th.